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Ana Adam, Here is Today, 20.05-21.06.2016

Founded in 2015, Zid Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to international emerging and established artists.
The world is an art gallery. Every wall from our world can be a part of Zid Gallery.
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 Untitle 2, 2012, digital photo print giclee,  variable size

These images are printed digital photos in print giclee technique. They are left exactly as I photographed them without any adjustment in any graphic program. This approach is part of my art. This series of photos is the starting point of the illustrations  of Taramul Albastru, a book written by a friend.
- "I am the character and the creator" is my motto for the last 8 years. It is a concentrated expression of how I found myself in quantum physics, in the recent unified theories of physics, in the Oriental and European mysticism, in shamanism and transpersonal psychology. To see is an interactive process. According to Heisenberg's principle, an electron can appear to us as a particle or a wave, depending on our expectations. The reality is the interaction between creation and us (the dance of Shiva). Photons –the light particles, are massless, allowing them to interact with other particles in a subtle way that seems to evade space-time continuum.Two particles that once met are known to always keep in touch.
-For me, the grown-up Ana, creating the illustrations from which I chose these images, meant the return to "the blue realm". A fictional return, since a superior inner self knew I have never left. I believed I left the blue realm, but I was wrong, it was only my imagination, but at one point the wandering through the complicated  exterior ways was useful to me. These images, as well as all the children’s creations, were born of existential alchemy. Born from everyday materials that I have invested with the power that I myself had found. When there is an understanding that the matter is sacred, the same matter has the force of its status. It's dynamic, it may change. It is free to change the structure and the shape. It is the fairy who can change everything with her magical wand, is the children’s alchemist. I knew that I can create the reality, therefore a potato slice can only remain so for some but it also can be anything, even a pumpkin carriage as the story says. Or a planet or an aircraft.
-I did these "drawings" from (particles of) pigments and beads, nylon thread, paper sheets, camouflaged lightsand many more, all that exist in our proximity. Images that are highly volatile, changing or decaying because of  a sigh or a rushed touch of the surface.The colored dust particles showed me the life’s availability to the joy of change. The small dots of color were eager to become part of other and another image of infinite possibilities. Under my eyes, in my assumption, each image is created through the participation of its parts. One of the thousands of particles, a tumbling bead changes everything. I allowed myself to be child –one who has not forgotten.
- Being present creates a space of communication. Then / there (when I created these images) I was able to hear what the "mundane" materials told me: the colored powder, the small spheres of beads .... Then I called the pigments and all other materials and I listened. I would say that these images are  like a materialized game, a game that wanted to sit in the concreteness of forms. More and more often I allowed myself not to have expectations, not to want to know what comes out, or if I made it out ... insteadI asked these materials to be my partners in the game. The careful gesture to take infinitesimal amounts of particles, beads or colored powders with a spatula or teaspoon, to sprinkle them on the horizontal/inclined board or to a certain direction - depending on where I wanted them to run, bounce or lightly fly when I breathed on them. Or, on the contrary,  to remain completely motionless until I can catch the moment in a photo. A moment that is part of a second.
Ana Adam 2016 (english translation:  Alina Muntean and Anca Gyemant)

Untitle 3, 2012, digital photo print giclee,  variable size


1986-1992: The classes af the Tapestry and Graphic department of the "Ioan Andreescu"
                   Art Academy in Cluj-Napoca. Graduated in the Grafic Art Department.
SINCE 1992: Cooperation with the Dacia, Brumar, Sedona and Elena Francisc Publishing Houses.
SINCE 1993: Member of The Artist Union of Romania. (U.A.P.)
SINCE 1994: Teacher at The Fine Arts High-School in Timisoara, Romania.
2002-2004: Cooperation with The Art-Therapy Center  "Dr. Eliza Ionescu"  Timisoara.

                   Solo exhibitions (selected):

2010 - “Fibers, Pigments" - French Cultural Center, Timisoara, Romania.
2007 - “Art made on knee" - Galleria 28 Timisoara, Romania.
2004 - "Lee/28.02.2004" - Papillon Cafe, Timisoara, Romania.
2003 - "Herbarium" - German Cultural Center Timisoara, Romania.
2002 - " Drawings yet again" - Art Museum, Timisoara, Romania.
2002 - 3 Drawing Exhibitions - Galeria Atas Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
2001 - Exhibition - with Matyas Laszlo – Private space, Orleans, France.
2001 - Drawing Exhibition - Galleria 28 Timisoara, Romania.
2000 - Drawing Exhibition - Sindan Cultural Center, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
1999 - Drawing Exhibition - with Matyas Laszlo - U.A.P. Gallery Deva, Romania.
1998 - Drawing Exhibition - Galleria 28 Timisoara, Romania.
1998 - Drawing Exhibition - Galeria SylvieMoreau Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
1997 - "Cher Claude, Cher Francois" - Galleria 28 Timisoara, Romania.
1997 - "Full of patience, you water the dry tree" – my studio, Timisoara, Romania.
1995 - Drawing Exhibition - Galleria 28"Timisoara, Romania.
1994 - Drawing Exhibition - U.A.P. Gallery Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
1994 - "1000 Strokes of gingerbread" - with Sorin Vreme- Galleria 28 Timisoara, Romania.

                  Group exhibitions (selected):

2014 - „Retracings”- Monostori Erod, Komarom and Budapest Galeria, Hungary and The Museum of Ţara Crişurilor, Oradea, Romania
2010 - “Woodcut, matrix style 3” – Galeria del Teatro Ricardo Castro, Durango, Mexic
2003 - “International Experimental Engraving Project” – Art Museum, Timisoara, Romania.   
2003 - "Memorial Tapestry" - Itineray exhibition: U.S.A, Italy, Poland.
2003 - "Wiener.Medien.Welten" - Technisches Museum,Wien, Austria.
2001 - "Invitation" - Kunsthaus,Essen,Germany.
2001 - “Medium” - Alternative space H.ARTA, Timisoara, Romania.
1999 - "...c’est comme ca, nous sommes en Roumanie" - Galeria Sylvie Moreau, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
1999 - "International Triennial" – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1998 - "Consumenta '98-International Print Triennial" - Nurenberg, Germany.
1998 - "Miscolc International Print  Biennial" - Miscolc, Hungary.
1997 - "Cracow International Print Triennial " - Cracow, Poland.
1997 - "Civitas Solis, Civitas Artis"( the Soros Center for Contemporary Art  Annual Exhibition), Calnic Fortress, Romania.
1996 - "The Fourth International Biennial of Miniature Arts" - Gornji Milanovas, Yugoslavia.
1996 - Group exhibition- Pro Art Gallery Lugoj, Romania.
1995 - "Arad National Drawing Biennial" - Arad, Romania.
1995 - "Consumenta'95- International Print Triennial " - Nurenberg, Germany.
1994 - "Cracow International Print Triennial " - Cracow, Poland.
1994 - "Medium-3"- Sf.Gheorghe, Romania.
1993 - "The National Graphic Art Annual Exhibition" - Bucarest, Romania.
1992 - " The National Graphic Art Annual Exhibition " - Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
1991- "Mood without title" - Art Museum Timisoara, Romania.
1991 - "Gyor International Graphic Art Biennial" - Gyor, Hungary.
2007 -  “Paper Island” – Exhibition, Workshop, Symposium – Pecs and Siklos, Hungary.
2002 - The Austrian Airlines Prize Cultural excellence.
2001 - “Invitation” – One mounth residency - Kunsthaus,Essen,Germany.
1999 - UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Fellowship - Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.

Drawings in  "Albertina" Collection Vienna, Austria.

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