marți, 12 ianuarie 2016

Hieromonk Pantelimon Şuşnea / Between Worlds / 7-26.02.2016

The Zid Gallery is proud to present Between Worlds, a collection of portraits and landscapes taken by the photographer Hieromonk Pantelimon Şuşnea from OASA Monastery.

The exhibition preview: 7 february 2016, 5PM
Location: Romanian Cultural Institute Viena

Argentinierstr. 39, 1040 Viena
Tel./fax: +431 319 10 81 

Founded in 2015, Zid Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to international emerging and established artists.

The world is an art gallery. Every wall from our world can be a part of Zid Gallery.”
The access in Zid Gallery is only virtual on

 Ieromonah Pantelimon Şuşnea, Between Worlds 1, 2015, Lambda-print, AluDibond, 65x100cm

 Ieromonah Pantelimon Şuşnea, Between Worlds 2, 2015, Lambda-print, AluDibond, 65x100cm

Ieromonah Pantelimon Şuşnea, Between Worlds 17, 2015, Lambda-print, AluDibond, 30x70cm

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