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Frédérique Neuts Leroy / Sand Storm / 15.02-17.03.2016


The Zid Gallery is proud to present Sand Storm, an exhibition by the French painter Frédérique Neuts Leroy.

Founded in 2015, Zid Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to international emerging and established artists.

The world is an art gallery. Every wall from our world can be a part of Zid Gallery.

The access in Zid Gallery is only virtual on zid-gallery.blogspot.com

An abstract geographical emotional universe

In an abstract universe, playing the ethereal forms and unfinished lines, accident and chance are the focus of my work as a painter. My pictorial work is moving towards a research of the colors and the emotions it can provoke the viewer.

Through the observation of different series, the consistency of certain themes together and the influence of my university scientific training as well as geographer and urbanist expressed in my report to the sensitive space.

This state of being is to abolish the borders between the outside and the inside and create a fusional state with my environment. This state is not a reflection of my feelings but his incarnation.

Sand Storm
« The first time I saw the sea I had the most unpleasant disenchantment ... The prospect seemed close; The paintings of the painters had presented me the greatest sea. It took me three days to find the feeling of the immensity. » wrote Taine in Voyage aux Pyrénées.

Frédérique Neuts Leroy

Born in 1976 in Meaux, France

Live and work in Vienna, Austria

2015 Work in BRUT, Vienna

2014 Member and curator of the art collective Friday Exit – Friday Exit is part of experiment, a cooperation of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and an open collective www.fridayexit.at

2009 Painting Class, Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris, with Jean Marc Thommen
2001 Master of Geography and Urban Planning, University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris, with Jacques Brun

2016 "Sand Storm", Zid Gallery, Timişoara, Romania
2015 "Naples", Institut français, Vienna, Austria
2015 "Flowering", Vienne Accueil, Vienna, Austria
2014 "Dilution", Institut Français, Vienna, Austria
2012 "Cities", during the Conference “Cultural Cities”, Institut Français, Vienna, Austria

2015 "Richter serie", Donau Project, V8, Karlsruhe, Germany
2015 "T(h)OTEM", "I fake you", ARTmART, Kunsthaus, Vienna, Austria
2015 "Nostre Mare", Salon La ruche, Boussy Saint Antoine, France 
2015 "Gold serie", Donau Project, POPUP, Osijek, Croatia
2014 Un seul grain de riz, Galerie Métanoia, Paris, France
2014 3th Salon des artistes du Val d'Yerres, Socio-Cultural Center, Boussy Saint Antoine, France 
2013 "... and Peace", Socio-Cultural Center, Boussy Saint Antoine, France
2011 "Roughing Tenderness", Galerie Oberkampf, Paris, France

2013 Medal of the City for the exhibition "... and Peace", Boussy Saint Antoine, France

"Two talents, an exhibition", The Republican, Ph. Lalance, 24 Oct. 2013.

Döblergasse 2,
1070 Vienna,
Phone: (+43) 6 80 55 62 871  


Frédérique Neuts Leroy,  Marée basse, (série sable), 2014, acrylic on paper, 70x50cm

Frédérique Neuts Leroy, Les couteaux II, (série sable), 2014, acrylic on paper, 70x50cm

Frédérique Neuts Leroy, Cendre, 2014, oil on paper, 24x19cm

Frédérique Neuts Leroy, On fire, 2014, oil on paper & ink, 24x19cm

Frédérique Neuts Leroy, Sans titre, 2014, oil & pigment on paper,  24x19cm

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